imNativ is an Aurim S.p.a brand S.p.a. – P. IVA: IT01947310288

I’m Sustainable

I was born respecting nature to make your life more intense, more comfortable and more enjoyable I’m ready to be reborn again and again. I am recyclable. Nature has given me so much, it has taught me not to fear water, to be resistant, warm, cool. First, I learned mother nature’s secrets then I adopted her most beautiful colours Believe me, you could never consider me truly innovative, if I weren’t also so sustainable.



Trees felled


Kilometers travelled to produce imNativ fabrics


Chemical finishings used

I’m not a hero. But I’m fighting.

Sostenibilità non è una parola statica. Non è un concetto chiuso, né limitante.
Per noi, sostenibilità è un concetto tutt’altro che astratto, declinabile in molteplici attività e aspetti: sperimentazione, materiali, errori, futuro, movimento.

Un prodotto che oggi dichiariamo sostenibile, tra qualche anno potrà essere superato da altri prodotti a loro volta più sostenibili, questo proprio perchè sostenibilità è, prima di tutto, dinamismo.

Uno dei nostri obiettivi è di continuare a sperimentare con materiali diversi, fibre e filati e tecnologie inedite per proporre Collezioni che rispecchino l’idea di un design tessile più responsabile, durevole, circolare e meno impattante.

Water-saving with no need for acids or solvents

ImNativ does not fear dirt. Stains are easy to remove with just water, without the addition of acids or products which pollute the environment. The more frequently you wash, the easier it will be to remove stains.

The extraordinary ImNativ fibres repel dirt and wash after wash never lose its original shape. This is why ImNativ is also the ideal choice for all those situations with a high risk of stains.

0 waste, 100% recyclable

ImNativ is completely biocompatible, does not cause allergies even in predisposed subjects and is a particularly hygienic fabric. In fact, its special fibres do not encourage the proliferation of bacteria, it is breathable and keeps fungi and moulds away from your environments.

Sustainable day by day

ImNativ contains all the essence of nature in its cutting-edge fibres. It lives by your side in a sustainable way and when it finally wears down, it renews itself, because it is 100% recyclable.

It is exceptionally durable and resistant to atmospheric agents and this makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is also resistant to stress, stains and wearing agents, and this makes it particularly suitable for every possible use.

Little water, little energy

ImNativ can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. It is respectful of nature which is why it would never waste the planet’s precious resources.
Washing requires little water and above all very little detergent. n addition, ImNativ dries very quickly and does not need to be ironed. A further saving of time and energy.

They ask about me

Can I machine wash ImNativ fabrics?

Yes. ImNativ fabrics are both hand and machine washable. The special fibres do not trap dirt and stains, so washing your fabric will be extremely easy. For a flawless result, just add a small amount of neutral detergent. No chemical solvents are required.

Are all ImNativ fabrics fireproof?

ImNativ is extremely versatile and adapts to any context, ensuring resistance and reliability. On request they can also be fireproof: check their feasibility with your ImNativ supplier.

Are all ImNativ fabrics waterproof?

ImNativ fabrics are hydrophobic and breathable. They are not affected by airborne agents and are resistant to most domestic staining agents. Furthermore, ImNativ fabrics dry very quickly.

How do I take care of my ImNativ fabric?

ImNativ takes care of your spaces and environments, but in return it requires very little attention. You can wash it by hand or in the washing machine, with a small amount of detergent and without any solvents as its fibres are able to repel stains and dirt. ImNativ dries quickly and does not need to be ironed.

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