imNativ is an Aurim S.p.a brand S.p.a. – P. IVA: IT01947310288

Born for nature

ImNativ was created to meet the needs of nature, and also to satisfy every need of those who choose it. mNativ does not limit itself to respecting the environment: in its strength and in its ability to withstand time, there is all the essence and vital energy of nature.


Precious in style and with excellent technical characteristics, it’s a fabric that is beautiful to touch and to live in, with delicate tone-on-tone variations and unexpected colour contrasts.

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A timeless fabric, with a basic-chic allure. Refined and versatile, it adapts to any environment with elegance. Its accurate range of chromatic nuances is always in fashion.

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The Shock line is available in 40 colour variants, a wide range of shades ranging from warmer and more enveloping shades to colder and rigorous tones. Versatile and ever changing, it has an unmistakable character thanks to its combination of frisé and bouclé threads.

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Maestrale Outdoor

Maestrale is the first imNativ Collection designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces. A soft, enveloping and full-bodied chenille, the Maestrale Collection comes in placid colors, never predictable and therefore so versatile, suitable for designing different spaces.

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Ester Collections
Della Terra

My features

Easy to remove dirt

The special ImNativ fibres do not capture dirt and leave stains on the surface. This is why the fabric can be washed simply with water or a little detergent.

Machine washable

ImNativ can be washed by hand or in the washing machine: just remember not to use too much detergent for washing. It’s not good for nature and the ImNativ fabric doesn’t need it.

It does not lose colour

All ImNativ fabrics are yarn dyed, so they do not fade or lose colour over time.

It does not deform

Wash after wash, use after use, ImNativ does not deform. Its fibres perfectly maintain their original shape.

It does not retain odours

ImNativ is hygienic and breathable. It does not retain dirt or odours and ensures cleanliness and protection.

It is sustainable

The entire ImNativ supply chain is controlled and sustainable, 100% Made In Italy locally.
The fabric is 100% recyclable.

Mould and bacteria resistant

The special fibres of the fabric do not trap mould and fungi and prevent bacteria from proliferating. That’s why the fabric is hypoallergenic and safe.

It should not be ironed

The fabric should not be ironed – heat could damage the fabric. After washing, ImNativ regains its shape.

It is ecological

In addition to being 100% recyclable, ImNativ is totally free of dyes or chemical additives, which are not good for your skin and also not environmentally-friendly. All the characteristics of ImNativ are mechanical and originate from the fibres itself.

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I'm Sustainable

I was born respecting nature to make your life more intense, more comfortable and more enjoyable I'm ready to be reborn again and again. I am recyclable. Nature has given me so much, it has taught me not to fear water, to be resistant, warm, cool.

What I do for the Planet

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