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Ester is a biodegradable, synthetic collection of textiles made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastics. Ester is a biodegradable, synthetic collection of textiles made from 100% recycled post- consumer plastics.


Precious in style and with excellent technical characteristics, it’s a fabric that is beautiful to touch and to live in, with delicate tone-on-tone variations and unexpected colour contrasts.

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A timeless fabric, with a basic-chic allure. Refined and versatile, it adapts to any environment with elegance. Its accurate range of chromatic nuances is always in fashion.

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The Shock line is available in 40 colour variants, a wide range of shades ranging from warmer and more enveloping shades to colder and rigorous tones. Versatile and ever changing, it has an unmistakable character thanks to its combination of frisé and bouclé threads.

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Maestrale Outdoor

Maestrale is the first imNativ Collection designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces. A soft, enveloping and full-bodied chenille, the Maestrale Collection comes in placid colors, never predictable and therefore so versatile, suitable for designing different spaces.

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Ester Collections
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100% post-consumer plastic

The yarn that composes the ImNativ Ester Collections are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The recycling process is constantly tracked and verified, and it’s entirely made in Italy. GRS Certified.


During the production process, a biophilic additive is added to the imNativ Ester yarn which makes the fabric biodegradable once disposed in the environment. If a normal synthetic fabric takes between 300 and 500 years to break down in the environment, the imNativ Ester yarn breaks down up to 90% within less than 5 years.

Excellent technical performances

ImNativ Ester fabrics are made to last as long as possible, in order to be even more sustainable. The performances of resistance to usage, to washing, to pilling are excellent.

Short and controlled production chain

The entire production chain of imNativ Ester takes place in Italy and is constantly checked and tracked. The imNativ Ester yarn has an internal virtual marker that attests and certifies the production chain.

Ecological pigments

ImNativ Ester fabrics are piece-dyed, using certified ecological pigments, free of chemical solvents.

Dyed with recycled industrial water.

For the dyeing process of imNativ Ester fabrics we only use recycled industrial water. B.A.T. Certified.

Italian Design & Production.

The unparalleled tradition of design and Italian manufacturing know-how are the flagship of the ImNativ Ester Collection.

Practical and functional

ImNativ Ester fabrics can be washed at low temperatures in the washing machine, they dry quickly and do not lose their shape.

No chemical finishings added

By our choice, imNativ Ester fabrics are not subjected to any chemical finishings.

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I’m part of the problem. I’m part of the solution.

Introducing a new design textile for our times.

Ester’s extreme innovation comes in the creation of the yarn (which already starts life as recycled polymer): biophilic additives are introduced between the fibres which activate the degradation mechanism in the fabric if it is released into the environment.

The recycled-bio fabric has the typical appearance of a synthetic product, but with the advantage of being able to decompose in certain environments, just like natural fibres, once they reach the end of their life cycle. If a normal synthetic fabric takes from 300 to 500 years to decompose, the yarn with which Ester fabrics are made can decompose up to 90% over 5 years. Bio technology is only activated under conditions where biodegradation can naturally occur.

I’m Ester. I’m dyed Recycled. Biodegradable.

Both wet and dry colouring processes are certified to be carried out according to the B.A.T. (Best Available Techniques) production protocol. All dyes and dyeing auxiliaries used comply with the highest sustainability standards, meaning a truly holistic approach is taken in the management of chemical production. Being dyed and finished on site at our factory further minimises the environmental impact of the textile.

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