imNativ is an Aurim S.p.a brand S.p.a. – P. IVA: IT01947310288

Can I machine wash ImNativ fabrics?

Yes. ImNativ fabrics are both hand and machine washable. The special fibres do not trap dirt and stains, so washing your fabric will be extremely easy. For a flawless result, just add a small amount of neutral detergent. No chemical solvents are required.

Are all ImNativ fabrics fireproof?

ImNativ is extremely versatile and adapts to any context, ensuring resistance and reliability. On request they can also be fireproof: check their feasibility with your ImNativ supplier.

Are all ImNativ fabrics waterproof?

ImNativ fabrics are hydrophobic and breathable. They are not affected by airborne agents and are resistant to most domestic staining agents. Furthermore, ImNativ fabrics dry very quickly.

How do I take care of my ImNativ fabric?

ImNativ takes care of your spaces and environments, but in return it requires very little attention. You can wash it by hand or in the washing machine, with a small amount of detergent and without any solvents as its fibres are able to repel stains and dirt. ImNativ dries quickly and does not need to be ironed.

Is ImNativ recyclable?

ImNativ has an extraordinary lifespan. However, once its life cycle is complete, it is 100% recyclable.

I want to become an ImNativ reseller.

If you want to become an ImNativ reseller and offer your customers a range of versatile and innovative fabrics, able to adapt to every need, you can fill out our form here. We will contact you shortly.

How/where can I buy ImNativ?

You can buy ImNativ at one of our authorized resellers in Italy. To find the dealer closest to you, search here.

How much does ImNativ cost?

To find out the cost of the different ImNativ collections and feel its softness first hand, you can contact one of our retailers. Find out the one closest to you here.

Where is ImNativ produced?

ImNativ is 100% Made In Italy as a further guarantee of its quality. It is also locally produced in a single factory to further confirm its sustainability.

What is ImNativ?

ImNativ are soft, resistant and completely recyclable fabrics that ensure very high performance and incredible versatility. ImNativ is the ideal choice in any context both indoors and outdoors, resistant to dirt and atmospheric agents and available in many wonderful textures and colours.

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